PAGSASANGLA or Pawning Your Jewelry

  1. Present Your Jewelry to the nearest BHF Branch
  2. Show one (1) vaild government ID & fill up the information sheet
  3. Sign the Pawn Ticket & receive your money

PATUBOS or Renewing Your Pawned Item

  1. Present your Pawn Ticket
  2. Pay your monthly dues
  3. Sign the new Pawn Ticket

PAGTUBOS or Redeeming Your Jewelry

  1. 1.) Report to the branch to redeem beforehand
    *NOTE: For big items (AMOUNTING 6,000 PHP and above) the redeeming times will be every 4 to 5 PM daily Mondays to Saturdays.
  2. 2.) Pay to the counter
  3. 3.) Claim your jewelry & O.R.