Buyers Guide


Per Bureau of Internal Revenue’s (BIR) Revenue Regulation (RR) 16-2005 on the Consolidated Value-Added Tax (VAT) Regulation of 2005.


  1. A VAT-registed person shall issue:
    • A VAT Invoice for every sale, barter or exchange of goods, properties; and
    • A VAT official receipt for every lease of goods, properties, and for every sale, barter or exchange of services

Note: This RR was issued last October 19, 2005

RR 16-2005 is pursuant to the provisions in Secs. 244 and 245 of the National International Revenue Code (NIRC) of 1997, as last amended by Republic Act (RA) No. 9337 (Tax Code), in relation to Sec.23 of the said RA. These regulations are promulgated to implement Title IV of the Tax Code as well as other provisions pertaining to VAT. These regulations supersede RR.


Return / Exchange Policy as per RA #7394 IRR OF RA CONSUMER ACT OF THE PHILIPPINES

  • Change of mind on your part does not entitle you to refund or exchange of items/s
  • Refund / Exchange policy does not apply if the product you bought is in perfect condition or has no Defect.


ALL sold items have only seven (7) days replacement warranty upon purchased of the item/s.
After seven (7) days, standard warranty will apply.


Replacement Procedure:

  • Present Proof of Purchase
  • Only if item/s is found defective
  • Purchased item/s must be in good physical condition
  • With complete packaging, accessories which include the Styrofoam, box, etc.
  • Purchased item/s is subject for testing and inspections if in case the item/s to be replaced is not available, the customer is entitled to choose the other item/s with the same amount or higher (additional payments will be charge.)